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I walked away a very happy customer, and will certainly be keeping my eyes open for more Walstein products. If their other instruments are as good as my tenor then I rate them incredibly highly! (LH UK) Walstein Tenor Saxophone
Please pass on my appreciation for the customer service I received when purchasing my Walstein Tenor Sax.  You were most helpful with ensuring I had the right equipment, and your kindness in putting in an assortment of reeds was much appreciated.
Good morning, I'd just like to take this opportunity to provide feedback on the Walstein CR-SP2 cornet package I bought from you a few months ago. The build quality is superb and playability, tuning response and intonation is excellent. The valves are very quick and I haven't had any issues at all with them sticking, which is a pleasant surprise with any new instrument. I play second cornet for Spinnaker Brass and second cornet/trumpet for a new quintet GABrass and I am able to blend well in both ensembles. I haven't been able to do any side by side comparisons with other brands but if I get the opportunity I'll provide the feedback. Just a quick plug, Spinnaker Brass are in need of more Cornet players so if you know of any looking for a band, we would welcome them. Thanks and Regards - G (UK) Walstein CR-SP2 Silver/Gold Bb Cornet
I just wanted to say thank you and I am impressed by your service. I ordered the saxophone stand at 3.30 yesterday afternoon and it arrived this morning. (PB UK)
Dear Hatty et al, Many thanks for everything yesterday, it was great to be able to relax with no pressure. I have given the alto a good work out this Morning and remain really pleased, no surprise there! Might have to change the mouthpiece at some stage, but will spend some time getting used to playing the alto first..... many thanks once again. Best wishes (R&L UK) Bauhaus Silver/Gold Alto Saxophone
Harness received today. Many thanks. What a great firm to deal with.
Thank you very much what a fantastic service i couldnt believe it when they arrived first post the very next day i will be a customer for a long time many thanks TL
I just thought I must drop a line and thank you for all the pleasure I am getting from the Walstein Soprano Sax that I bought from you in April. It's a beautiful instrument and the tone and the action are superb. I am using it with a Yanagisawa ebonite mouthpiece and the Rovner ligature, the combination is outstanding. It's capable of being mellow, and rich sounding, and then you can cut right through above the rest of the band. Great fun! Love it! Warmest regards, PB (UK) Bauhaus-Walstein Soprano Saxophone
Hi Martin, Well my 50th Birthday present duly arrived today, and looks excellent, including the case which looks excellent. I will have to wait a few weeks before the big day before giving it a play, but is obviously excellent value. (MG UK) Bauhaus-Walstein Soprano Curved Saxophone
Hi Martin, I got Bauhaus-Walstein tenor yesterday - Great horn - 1st 2 notes played were altissimo G and bottom Bb with no effort. Best altissimo of any horn I've played, including all big names. Terrific value case and all. (Gibraltar) Bauhaus-Walstein Tenor Saxophone
Hi Martin, Just wanted to say thank-you for the great service. My son really loves his new horn. My wife and I couldn't be more pleased. Regards, S (USA) Bauhaus-Walstein Alto Saxophone
Dear woodwind and brass, i've just come in from a gig and i just have to say, i have to tell you how fantastic this trumpet is! it came today (friday), incredible shipping time thank you thank you, and i was late home from work before going out with the function band i play in: home at 6.35, out again at 7.25, so no time to check it out properly, have a blow in the house, clean it, nothing, i just unwrapped it, waggled the valves, parped a couple of notes out to make my little boy laugh and then off to the gig. it was my wife's idea to play it tonight, i was going to leave it til tomorrow and have a chance to run some water through it and get a feel of it before i went. Anyway, got to the gig with 10 mins to spare and showed it to the trombone player, another gear-head who, like me thought it was stunning (after my wife and my son it's one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen), so i went through to the room where the gig was, got it all out, mouthpiece in (a kelly 7c for now, changing from a wick 4c to a bach 7c and the kelly is the transition 'facilitator'), couple of drops of oil on the valves and away we went. And it completely blew my socks off! a great tone, lively but not brittle, a big sound but with room to spare, free-blowing without feeling too big, just absolutely wonderful. couple of tunes to find the centre, get the tuning right and the rest of the two 1-hour sets just flew by. this instrument is a joy to play, beautiful to look at, balanced, everything i've been wanting in a hooter for the past 5 or 6 years. i've had a king, a benge (burbank), a d.e.g. getzen x-large and some cheapy no-name red-lacquer trumpet off ebay, but this leaves them all standing, even the red one ha ha ha. And the detail?! blimey, such an astonishing piece of work: the tiny stoppers on the water-keys, all the bracing without it looking like a meccano kit, there's even an allen bolt to hold the tuning-stop in place on the third slide - unbelieveable! i cannot thank you enough, this has completely changed my approach to playing - i may even start practicing. if you have a translator to speak to b&s please tell them they have made an old man very happy. and to think i almost bought a yamaha - phew! warmest regards and blessings on you all. IL (UK)

I am very impressed with the fast service which you provided me with on the order placed yesterday. I received the cornet case this morning and am very pleased with the product. Thank-you very much. (Walstein cornet case)

Hi received today - excellent fast delivery. Very much appreciated.



Thank you so much for the quick processing and shipping of this item. I'm

very impressed! Regards, AB

Just a quick note to say thank you for the clarinet case - it's great,

just what I need and as expected from the photo. Best wishes Lynn (Bam Double X-Lite Clarinet Case)

Thank you for dealing with my order so quickly and efficiently. Kind regards CC

Received the mouthpiece this morning. I have not tried it yet, but it looks very nicely made. Thanks for your efficient and fast service.

Best regards, AK (Vandoren Mouthpiece to Greece)

Thank you. The trumpet stand arrived this morning and I am pleased with the

product. Kind regards LB (K&M trumpet stand)

Some of the unsolicited comments received in the last month:

Just a quick note to say thank you for sending the clarinet so quickly. We put the orderinat 11am yesterday andit arrivedhere inthewilds ofNorthumberlandwithin 24hours. Excellent service, excellent value for money. Once again thank you, (Northumberland).

Received the soprano (Walstein) sax today and promptly attached the Runyon Quantum mouthpiece bought second hand. Reallyimpressed with the quality of this instrument and it blows straight out of the box so never habing played a soprano before I was really chuffed to be able to play straight off with no leaks.. I'm sure I'll need to tweak eventually but this would be required ina £3000.00 Selmer!.....Overall well impressed. (BF)

Many thanks for processing so quickly (NB)

Just to let you know that my order arrived this am in good condition and in great time. Super service, very many thanks, (AB)

Thank you the new straps arrived today, very quick! They're great. Thanks again (JF)

Now that I have the mouthpiece I can make an honest evaluation and after playing the Walstein I can say this.... REALLY, REALLY, NICE! I am so glad I ordered this saxophone. I tested the intonation and it plays as well as my King Super 20 Alto and Yamaha tenor. ...I am very impressed with the quality of craftsmanship. Bravo!! (JB, USA)

Order receved today (18th), many thanks for excellent service!! (KP)