Bauhaus-Walstein SOP-Y Lacquer Sopranino SaxophoneBauhaus-Walstein SOP-Y Lacquer Sopranino Saxophone

Bauhaus-Walstein SOP-Y Lacquer Sopranino Saxophone
Lacquer finish Sopranino Saxophone from Bauhaus - beautiful instrument with super intonation and a lovely tone - mellower than expected for this member of the saxophone family. Ergonomic, smooth, brass lacquer keywork, thumbrest and thumbhook. Comes with well designed black backpack case with plush fitted interior. Mouthpiece, ligature and cap as standard.

Bauhaus-WALSTEIN SOP-PD Deluxe Sopranino Saxophone - Bronze - Action ImprovedBauhaus-WALSTEIN SOP-PD Deluxe Sopranino Saxophone - Bronze - Action Improved

Bauhaus-WALSTEIN SOP-PD Deluxe Sopranino Saxophone - Bronze - Action Improved
The new Bauhaus-WALSTEIN Sopranino Saxophone Deluxe Model features the same specifications and sound as the original, only the keywork and mechanism are different. Bauhaus have rebuilt the action in the Deluxe A.I. (Action Improved) series using a shoulderless point screw and redesigned pillar-rod mechanism. The screws are manufactured from hardened steel, and the housing mechanism is carefully engineered around them creating greater ergonomics, making for a smoother, more responsive action.

Yanagisawa Sopranino Saxophone SN981Yanagisawa Sopranino Saxophone SN981

Yanagisawa Sopranino Saxophone SN981
The Yanagisawa Sopranino SN 981 Saxophone has the following features: Key Bb - Range low Bb to high Fsharp, Necks interchangeable (straight and curved necks provided), Body - lacquered brass, hand engraved, Adjustable front F key, Teflon inner octave system , Csharp -Bb and Csharp - B double connected table key, Round surface octave key, White shell lined indented keys, Adjustable low Csharp balance stopper, Single seat base, Gold plated thumb hook, Pointed pivot screws, Air tight waterproof pad.