Sound Back Adjustable 2.0 Acoustic Monitor For Trumpet

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With Sound Back acoustic monitors, sound is reflected back so you can hear yourself better in all situations with less effort. It also increases the volume and captures more of the core sound of the instrument throuth the PA system, and eliminates feedback. Sound Back easily attaches to most types of microphones. The clear plastic material is practically undetectable to the audience or camera and strong enough to last for many years. Used by The Blues Brothers, Earth Wind and Fire and many more. Hear yourself easily without overblowing and augment your sound with no extra effort. The adjustable 2.0 for trumpet is designed for the high level sound pressure output of trumpets. Features a patented twin panel design allowing the musician the ability to adjust the sound volume out front and the sound reflected back. Attaches to most microphones, folds in half for compact storage. Closed (full circle) more volume/less output. Half open (three-quarter circle) when used with a floor monitor, get an adjustable mix of your acoustic and electric sound. Open (half circle) more output/less volume - see image above. Complete with 100% cotton bag for protection.