Bauhaus-WALSTEIN BT-501-D Bb Tenor Trombone - Dual BoreBauhaus-WALSTEIN BT-501-D Bb Tenor Trombone - Dual Bore

The Bauhaus-WALSTEIN 501-D is a full outfit and represents great value for money. It has a gold brass bell for added warmth and projection. The body and tuning slides are yellow-brass lacquer. The inner slide is chrome plated white brass (approx 40% zinc). Outer slide is nickel-silver. The bell is 204mm diameter; the upper slide bore is 12.5mm diameter, while the lower is 13.2mm diameter Supplied with a wooden-shelled, black, cordura case with fitted plush black interior.

In practical, physical terms a 'dual bore' on a trombone means that the upper slide's bore (the diameter nearest the mouthpiece) is very slightly smaller (1mm or so) than the equivalent bore on the lower slide. In playing terms, there is (as always) some argument as to what this means. Most agree that the slight increase in diameter leads to more 'openness': greater volume; broader sound. It is quite unusual to find such a property on a student horn. It does not alter the manner in which the trombone is played and thus is still suitable for beginner trombonists - but able to take them further than a standard tenor trombone - it is good for orchestral work.

This outfit also comes with an HW Trombone Brass Saver, Slide Grease and Cleaning Rod.

Aquae Sulis Tenor Trombone - Rose Gold BellAquae Sulis Tenor Trombone - Rose Gold Bell

Excellent quality student instrument from Aquae Sulis. Medium bore, good balance and tone. Tested and liked by professionals. Complete outfit with sleek black case with rucksack straps, mouthpiece and lacquer cloth.

Jupiter JSL-432L Bb Tenor TromboneJupiter JSL-432L Bb Tenor Trombone

Jupiter Bb Tenor Trombone. 12.70mm (0.5")bore, bell size 203mm (8"). Hard chrome plated nickel silver inner slide, nickel silver tuning slide receivers and outer slide. Complete with airmould case or backpack case. Finished in lacquer with nickel trim.

RRP - £439.00 Inc VAT

Jupiter JSL-438LA Ergonomic Bb Tenor TromboneJupiter JSL-438LA Ergonomic Bb Tenor Trombone

12.70mm bore with 203mm diameter yellow brass bell. Unique ergonomic design. Unique sulptured tubing. Improved centre of gravity. Contoured slide grip and multi-adjustable thumb stabiliser. Hand finished, ultrasonically cleaned lightweight nickel-silver slide.