K&M Trombone stand 14985K&M Trombone stand 14985

The K&M Trombone Stand 14985 is the lightest trombone stand we do, at just 1.2kg. It has a fibreglass reinforced plastic base, adjustable plastic peg for instrument seating, and foldable legs. Non-marring height-adjustment mechanism. Height adjustable from 600mm to 970mm.

K&M Trombone Stand 149/9K&M Trombone Stand 149/9

The K&M 149/9 trombone stand is a more sturdy and so heavier stand at just over 2kg. It has two-section tubing for real confidence, a wide, flat tripod base and adjustable plastic peg on which to put the trombone. Easy height-adjustment with smooth clamp assembly. Compact, easy to fold. Nickel finish.

K&M Trombone stand 15270K&M Trombone stand 15270

Patented wide base trombone stand. The K&M 15270 is the luxury trombone stand mode. It has graduated height adjustment for full control and can contract to such a small size that it can be stored in the bell of the trombone while in its case. The black plastic peg has felt pads to protect the instrument bell inside. Understandably patented invention for a very popular stand.

K&M Bass Trombone Stand 149/1K&M Bass Trombone Stand 149/1

The K&M Bass Trombone Stand 149/1 weighs in at a good 2.5 kg. It has an incredibly sturdy cast-iron socket to ensure that your bass trombone doesn't wander off. It has a two-section tubular extension for height control. Wooden peg with felt pads. Foldable legs. Nickel finish. A real beast of a trombone stand