Vincent Bach Leather Tenor Horn Gig Bag - Rucksack Straps or Shoulder StrapsVincent Bach Leather Tenor Horn Gig Bag - Rucksack Straps or Shoulder Straps

The finest Buffalo Indian leather is used for the outer, the softest environmentally friendly cotton velvet for the inner lining.
Heavy duty metal fittings, and specially formulated hard foam which is expansive, dense and highly impact resistant contribute to this bag's excellent mechanics.
No gaps under the seams or zip help prevent damage and scratches caused by impact. Removable circular rigid foam pad to protect instrument bell. Comes with strap for rucksack style straps or shoulder strap.

Hiscox BTH Liteflite Tenor Horn Case - Boosey & Hawkes StyleHiscox BTH Liteflite Tenor Horn Case - Boosey & Hawkes Style

The criteria for the design of the Hiscox Liteflite cases is basically "the very best lightweight case possible, encompassing the use of the finest modern materials." The result is a range of cases manufacturered using a unique composite double moulded construction which gives unparalleled protection from a light weight case. The moulded, high impact ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadeine Styrene - strong and rigid over a wide temperature range - used for car bumpers and compouter housings) plastic outer shell is bonded directly to an inner moulding manufacturered from a unique blend of "high tech" cellular foam. The inner moulding is feather light, semi-rigid and designed to soak up impact shocks. The unique bonding of the inner moulding to the outer shell gives unbeatable, total structural rigidity. The case lining is complete with a crushed velvet cloth, bonded directly onto the shaped foam moulding giving a neatly tailored luxurious feel, perfectly fitted every time. The aluminium valance increases the rigidity of the case and ensures a positive location of lid to base when the two halves are closed. Unlike any other case available on the market, the valance extends deep inside the case behind teh plastic shell, into which all the hardware (handles, catches hinges etc.) is riveted. This method of fixing greatly reduces the possiblity of fittings working loose. With their incredible structural rigidity, all Hiscox "Liteflite" cases exhibit enormous crush strength (comfortably supporting the weight of a 15st - 90kg person)

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