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PPT Handmade Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece by Pete ThomasPPT Handmade Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece by Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas has been on a search for the ideal saxophone sound, which usually requires the ideal saxophone player, but failing that, it doesn't hurt to have the ideal saxophone mouthpiece. The PPT mouthpieces are his design "turned into something rather special" by Edward Pillinger and represent the culmination of his search.

The soprano PPT mouthpiece is developed in response to the "rich darkness" Pete loves about a soprano tone:
"a smooth, sweet but powerful tone, without any of the nasal "ducky" sound so often associated with the soprano saxophone".

"After a lot of experimenting with prototypes, extensive playtesting, I finally came up with a soprano mouthpiece that for me does everything the Selmer can do, but also allows me to get a lot of different sounds from the mouthpiece, in other words, it's a very versatile mouthpiece. This is a bit of a bonus as I had assumed we would end up with a darker, warmer sound. What we now have is a darker, warmer sound but not at the expense of losing the brightness, sweetness and edge. It's still very capable of that if you want it, but is probably the most versatile saxophone mouthpiece out there."     Pete Thomas
All Profits from PPT mouthpieces are donated to charity.

Tip Opening

The Standard Series are made out of high quality phenol resin (plastic) and feature a design based upon the top grade Custom series. They are extremely consistent in specifications and playing quality, and offer excellent value for their price. The facing of this series is slightly shorter than that of the Custom series making them easier to play, and easier for beginning students to achieve a rich characteristic saxophone sound. They also are available in a variety of sizes, to suit the needs players of many different styles.


Otto Link mouthpieces set the standard for sound quality. A wide selection of facings offer the greatest effectiveness in the direction and projection with complete control. Complete with ligature and cap.

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Otto Link Tone Edge Hard Rubber mouthpieces produce the full tone and projection preferred by most jazz players. Otto Link Rubber Saxophone Mouthpieces are the mouthpiece of choice for students and professional saxophonists. Complete with ligature and black plastic cap.

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Continuing in the tradition begun by his father, Jason Lawton is jnow producing the mouthpieces Geoff Lawton made famous. These mouthpieces are hand-made from the best material: surgical stainless steel, bronze and brass - the bronze and brass mouthpieces are plated in gold. The ligature is integral, functioning via a single screw, which is incredibly ergonomic affording an excellent grip and avoiding any reed distortion. The mouthpiece cover carries the ergonomic theme through with a modern feel and excellent protection. The mouthpieces are precision made from a single bar, and finished to incredibly high standards. The result is really beautiful, excellent intonation throughout all registers.

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Vandoren V5 series ebonite mouthpieces feature a flat baffle, small round bore, and normal and Jazz chambers. They are available in a variety of styles suitable for classical and jazz musicians as well as students.

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The Optimum Series: A giant leap forward for the classical saxophone. From its characteristic shape reminiscent of vintage mouthpieces and decidedly comfortable beak design to its perfectly designed facing, rails and table, the Optimum series is designed to be more free-blowing and responsive. With accurate articulation, total control at all dynamic ranges and precise intonation, the Optimum series is the new standard-bearer for clasical saxophone mouthpieces. Recommended for use with Vandoren Traditional Reeds - Strengths 3/3.5/4

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Many saxophonists and clarinettists appreciate the acoustical timbre, accuracy and consistency of Selmer (Paris) mouthpieces. These mouthpieces are precision machined to exact tolerances. Fabricated from "ebonite" (vulcanized rubber) the mouthpieces have incredible longevity - for over 100 years, Selmer Paris has been producing mouthpieces to these fine specifications, while the techniques of old are refined and updated to maintain the original and expected quality. The mouthpieces are available in a wide range of tip openings and facing lengths so that the player can find one best suited to his or her personal requirements - though not always an easy task, the comparison chart here, advice from teachers/mentors and experience will help. Also see "Mouthpiece Trial".

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Good quality mouthpiece. Good for section work. Focussed and centred sound. Mouthpieces are available in different tip openings. Ebonite mouthpieces have a round chamber. R5 being the smallest and R9 the widest. Does not included ligature and cap.

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Bright, loud with good projection. Yanagisawa Silver plated solid brass mouthpieces have a square chamber and come complete with matching ligature and cap.

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