Haynes Saxophone Manual by Stephen HowardHaynes Saxophone Manual by Stephen Howard

Accomplishment in the large and at times complex field of "saxophone welfare" requires an excellent knowledge of anatomy, the ability to make differential diagnoses, considerable ingenuity and a reasonably steady hand. Thankfully, the wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise author Stephen Howard has amassed in his 30 + years as repairer and player is scrupulously and logically presented in this most comprehensive and commonsensical of books: The "Haynes Saxophone Manual". This invaluable book is objective and realistic; it tells you what you need to know and do, and how to do it without needing to re-read the same section several times, or raiding the Ferrees tool catalogue. It is friendly in tone, and confidence inspiring - it is very well written, jargon-free, and unusually, perhaps, for a repair manual, makes for a very enjoyable read. It is also very effective at what it sets out to do: de-mystifcation, prevention, maintenance and regulation . This may be due to the way it is written, and the very well-organised structure of the various sections, but it may also be down to the stunning use of photography as instruction. The manual is copiously illustrated throughout, in mind bogglingly close-up detail, with photographs, which are both beautiful and informative - displaying the saxophone in varying states of health, illness and repair. Haynes Saxophone Manual won't necessarily supply you with a steady hand, but Stephen Howard's encyclopaedic knowledge of saxophones and how they work, coupled with his intelligent use of words and pictures and obvious enthusiasm for his subject, should help with almost everything else. "Packed with advice, tips and tweaks, this manual is essential reading for everyone who plays the saxophone".

Hardback, 164 pages, Published by Haynes

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"Time Gentlemen, Please" Music CD: Bobby Wellins Quartet"Time Gentlemen, Please" Music CD: Bobby Wellins Quartet

"Time Gentlemen, Please" boasts an impeccable line-up: John Critchinson, Ronnie Scott's long time pianist; Andrew Cleyndert, on double bass has played with Ronnie Scott and Stan Tracey to name but two; and Mark Taylor on drums has accompanied played with Cleo Laine, Eddie Daniels, and not forgetting... Ronnie Scott.
"Bobby Wellins once again demonstrates his peerless talents as one of the most inventive and creative masters of the saxophone..."

Trio Records
"Bobby has that unforgettable, inimitable sound. A sound which can stop you in your tracks, and which has engraved itself for ever into so many minds."

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"The Saxophone" - Presented by Pete Thomas"The Saxophone" - Presented by Pete Thomas

Presented by Pete Thomas, Jools Holland introduces "The Saxophone" - The Easy Way to Learn. Includes instruction booklet.

"The musical journey you are embarking on, learning an instrument, is hard work. If anyone tells you different they're wrong. It is also one of the most esxciting, rewarding and fun things to do." Jools Holland.

Includes: step by step tuition, instant access to every step, play on TV or PC, crystal clear pictures and sound, freeze frame and zoom, computer graphic aids, play along practice, and backing tracks.


Saxophone Care & Maintenance Catalogue
Saxophone Booklet

Information about caring for your saxophone: how to put it together, take it apart, look after it while it's not in its box! Tips about the embouchure and how to play, and also what saxophone accessories you might need when just starting out. This is chiefly aimed at new saxophonists, and so mostly about the alto (the most usual student beginner instrument).