Bam Pull Throughs and Polish Cloths

Bam Pull Throughs and Polish Cloths

True to its image, Bam decided to launch a new line of accessories, designed in close collaboration with its advisers, technicians and friendly musicians.

Attached to the idea of creation and perpetual innovation that built its reputation, Bam called for the best materials and the most modern technology. Bam's objective is to renew and update traditional accessories and models that no longer exist, that were missed by musicians. Offering the line a definitive modern design, Bam brings its refreshing inspiration to these essential every day accessories.
New Product
Bam English Horn Pull Through - Microfibre Silver-Nano Technology - sw0012Bam English Horn Pull Through - Microfibre Silver-Nano Technology - sw0012

From Bam, the famous Fench accessory maker, comes a range of top quality microfibre pull throughs and cloths. This Bam English horn swab has a tie-shape. From each of its ends runs a thin flexible plait cord, allowing a back-and-forth movement. In the end of the top cord, a weight is sewn to guide the swab into the instrument. This top end is sewn in such a way to avoid scratches on the bore. Each pull through provides:

• Exceptional drainage and absorption of accumulated humidity, thus optimum drying of the instrument;
• Superb Shining capability, and unequalled varnish-friendly cleaning;
• Rapid microfibre drying time, which helps protect the instrument from fungal/bacterial growth;
• Excellent durability and longevitiy.
• Easy cleaning with soap and water; the Silver-nano treatment won't be affected.


Hodge Woodwind Pull Throughs - Made in the USA

We begun selling Silk pullthroughs and swabs from Hodge Products Inc. in 2005, and they have been regulars on the best sellers list ever since.

The swabs are made of 100% Chinese silk, which has remarkable properties. Silk is very absorbent, soaking up water in instruments better than any other material on the market, including both cotton and chamois. Hodge silk swabs are also very compressible, making it possible to pull them through instruments with large variations in bore size. In addition, silk is lint free.

Most Hodge swabs are made using a ball chain, which is very effective as a weight and more flexible than most traditional straight weights. The ball chain is non-abrasive and does not scratch the bore or other parts of the instrument when used properly. The saxophone swabs a use a plastic-coated lead weight. The swabs for flute and piccolo require a rod

  • available for Bb, Alto and Bass Clarinet, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, bassoon, oboe, flute and piccolo
Hodge Silk Swab for OboeHodge Silk Swab for Oboe

It is hard to get our oboe swabs stuck! Getting a swab stuck is a common problem with pull through oboe swabs. However, our new swabs have an extra cord attached to the wide end of the swab so that they can't get stuck. If one were to get a knot in it, it could be pulled back out the way it went in. These swabs are designed to be pulled all the way through the fully assembled instrument. We recommend our silk oboe swabs for all levels of players.