K&M Oboe stand 182K&M Oboe stand 182

Sturdy black plastic peg for oboe. The integrated M5 thread adaptor affords attachment to peg holder 14301, foldable base 17700 or 17710. This Oboe stand includes the Peg and the Legs or Peg and Peg Holder.

Legs or Holder

Universal Stand - Clarinet, Flute, Oboe and TrumpetUniversal Stand - Clarinet, Flute, Oboe and Trumpet

Fits clarinet, flute, oboe and trumpet. Black plastic. The stand is completely collapsible, very portable and extremely versatile.

K&M Peg Holder 14301K&M Peg Holder 14301

Holder for instrument pegs to be clamped to the legs of model 14300 sax stand.

K&M Peg Adaptor15281K&M Peg Adaptor15281

M5 thread adaptor to attach trumpet, flugel horn and saxophone pegs with 14301 peg holder to sax stand 14300.