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The Importance of Stands...

The Importance of Stands...

Instrument stands serve a number of functions you might not even consider. Not only do they support your instrument at home, during practices, at band or orchestra, keeping it safe so it doesn't get knocket over and injured. It also might make younger players practice more..

Instruments like the clarinet or saxophone, which need to be taken out and put together, are far more likely be played if left, for at least some of the time, out and on their stands. Seeing the instrument daily, put together, encourages young students to play while keeping the instrument safe when not in its case. We don't advise that the instrument is always left on its stand. It needs to be looked after, cleaned and put away from time to time. But it can be swabbed (for woodwind) and left on its stand without fear of repercussion for some time.

Konig & Meyer - Stands for Instruments

Konig & Meyer - Stands for Instruments

Innovation at Konig & Meyer:

"It is our primary goal to put new ideas to practice as quickly as possible. New products are designed with the latest-generation CAD computers by a highly skilled team. Metal and plastic parts are made by König & Meyer using the industry's most technologically advanced engineering. Even the tooling used to craft the world's finest stands are produced in-house in our own tooling shop. Our commitment to vertical integration allows König & Meyer to react quickly to our customers needs. Satisfying our customers is as important to us as building the best stands."

Woodwind & Brass do stock a few other makes of stand, such as packastand and FF - but we believe that the quality of the German made Konig & Meyer stands is unsurpasses. Surprisingly, their prices are still incredibly competitive - efforts to source better, cheaper stands have proved somewhat fruitless. We believe they're the best. Perhaps their innovation statement above proves why. Konig & Meyer (K&M) first started in 1949:

1949 - Wertheim am Main: Karl König and Erich Meyer founded the company. Ten employees are responsible for music stands and measuring instruments.

1951 - The number of employees quickly rose to 60. The range is introduced to both German and European music retailers and is expanded to include instrument and microphone stands.

1959 - The TV and radio trade show in Frankfurt documents the growing demand for music equipment and accessories. As a result an extensive range is developed from microphone stands and boom arms to speaker stands.

1968 - Martin Koenig succeeds his father, Karl, after his death. 160 employees now produce stands in an area of 2,700m2 even for other industry branches, e. g. IV stands and stands for hair drying hoods.

1969 - A second factory is established where the pressroom, electroplating shop, tool manufacture and assembly as well as the powder coating and sewage plants, just to name a few, are situated today.

1978 - The assembly hall is enlarged for flexible production. Market and range expands further.

1987 - Brigitta Meyer succeeds the position of her late father, Erich Meyer. The production program is extended to include keyboard stands, mixer stands and 19" racks.

1989 - A new warehouse and dispatch hall are opened celebrating the company's 40th anniversary. Another warehouse is established in 1996.

1997 - With a new assembly hall the production and administration area is enlarged to 15,000m2 with 260 employees.

1998 - Koenig & Meyer is awarded the EU environment audit certificate emphasising efforts taken to protect the environment.

1999 - K&M celebrated its 50th anniversary with various events throughout the year. One climax was certainly the joint excursion of the staff together with management to the U.S.A. in June. In addition, there was an open house in September for customers, suppliers and the interested public.

2000 - Koenig & Meyer receives the environmental certificate recognized world-wide according to ISO 14001 and already for the second time the EMAS certificate. König & Meyer attaches much importance on environmental protection. The next investment steps are the purchase of a vegetable oil vehicle and a photovoltaic plant for the production of environmental-friendly power.

2001 - In order to promote young talents and to benefit from the exchange of experience between musicians and manufacturer, Koenig & Meyer supports various bands and projects of different music styles. Beside bands from the Rock and Pop scene such as "Emil Bulls" and "reverb" the folk music band "Die Egerländer Musikanten" and classical events in the region are promoted.

2002 - The manufacturing facilities are extended and modernized. Thus a new galvanizing line is established and preparations for the installation of a new powder coating plant are taken. The machinery within the lathe and tool shop is enlarged for a more flexible production.

2004 - K&M celebrates the starting of a new powder coating plant and the modernization of the production facilities as well as the company's 55th anniversary with various special events. The new plant offers more flexibility in production and a better product quality.

2005 - K&M builds up more relationships to various musicians and bands. Well-known German bands like "Reamonn" and "Silbermond" are supported by K&M with equipment. A highlight of the Musikmesse in Frankfurt is the signing of autographs by "Silbrmond".

In August 2005 a new managing team is formed at K&M: Gabriela Koenig, daughter of Martin Koenig, is responsible as managing director for Sales, Marketing, IT and Controlling. Heiko Wolz is responsible as managing director for Production. Martin Koenig is responsible as managing director for strategic tasks.

2006 - A new laser tube-cutting machine is installed in April at K&M. A fast and flexible production of smaller and larger quantities is now possible without tooling costs. A new dimension of manufacturing processes has started at K&M.

2007 - Koenig & Meyer reveives from the German Association for Certification of Management Systems (DQS) the certificate for the successful implementation of a quality management system according to the international quality standard.

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