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The Jupiter Company History & Ethos

Jupiter began life in 1930 as an educational products company. Jupiterís research and development strengthened each year and today Jupiter manufactures a comprehensive line of brass and woodwind instruments. Jupiter continues to search for and utilise the very latest technology to achieve an ever higher standard of excellence. Modernisation does not, however, deter Jupiter from maintaining close contact with leading players, teachers and artisans to collaborate on the hand finishing necessary to make a truly great performance instrument.


For smoother play, all Jupiter slides undergo a rigorous inspection by Jupiter's quality control team before any trombone can leave the factory



For utmost precision and player satisfaction, all Jupiter rotary valves are manufactured using state-of-the-art automatic lapping machines.

Jupiter uses the latest technology in computer aided design and manufacturing. Their engineers are able to exceed the standards required for todayís performance by using new techniques to achieve precise measurement and tolerances. All Jupiter instruments feature a high quality durable finish. Each instrument goes through a multiple step process that ends with hand finishing and polishing. Metal instruments receive a special ultrasonic cleaning to ensure surfaces are free of residue that could be harmful to the plating or lacquer process.

Besides using the latest machinery and engineering, Jupiter recognises that certain work can only be done by the human hand. To ensure that every Jupiter instrument has the required response and playability, skilled crafts persons hand seat all pads, hand lap all valves and tuning slides and adjust and align all keys.

Each Jupiter instrument is personally inspected and play tested by technicians prior to leaving the factory.



Jupiter believes the valve section has a decisive influence on the playing quality of an instrument. It has therefore devoted itself to upgrading the quality of valves on all jupiter instruments to provide players with complete playing satisafaction!