Bach 1877 Trumpet Maintenance KitBach 1877 Trumpet Maintenance Kit

Bach Trumpet Maintenance Kit - includes genuine Bach tuning slide grease and valve oil; mouthpiece brush, trumpet snake (with brush at each end); cleaning rod; Selmer silver and lacquer polish cloths; valve guides, springs, dampers and felts (3 of each); water key cork and spring. Very comprehensive kit!

Brass Instrument Water Key CorksBrass Instrument Water Key Corks

Water Key Corks - diameters of 7mm, 9mm and 10mm (choose from list below). Measurement refers to the part of the cork that fits into the waterkey itself. The outer measurements (above the key cup) measure 10mm, 11mm and 12mm respectively.

Cork Width

Felts Rings (Washers) For Brass Valves (6)Felts Rings (Washers) For Brass Valves (6)

Good Quality Red Valve Felts in packs of six - Available in:

19mm (diameter) 5.6mm (hole) x 2.4mm

15.9mm (diameter) 5.6mm (hole) x 2.4mm

12.7mm (diameter) 5.6mm (hole) . 2.4mm