Reka Brass Lacquer Protection SprayReka Brass Lacquer Protection Spray

For all lacquer finish instruments - lacquer protection in spray form. 150ml bottle.

Spitballs - Brass Instrument Cleaner - Standard 18 SizeSpitballs - Brass Instrument Cleaner - Standard 18 Size

Interesting Idea from Herco - the moist "balls" are inserted 6" into the leadpipe, the mouthpiece replaced and then the instrument blown "hard" to send the spitball through the instrument. The ball should then be discarded. This size can be used for trumpets, cornets, french horns and small bore trombones.

Arnold Stolzel Silver Polishing ClothArnold Stolzel Silver Polishing Cloth

Polishing cloth for all silver plated instruments including saxophone, flutes, piccolo, trumpet, cornet, flugel horn, tenor horn, baritone, euphonium, tuba, french horn, trombone and instruments with silver plated keywork. Impregnated with silver polish. Using this kind of polishing cloth prevents potential damage from lacquer liquids being applied to sensitive parts of the instrument including pads and action mechanisms.

Arnold Stolzel White Cotton DusterArnold Stolzel White Cotton Duster

Thick, soft, white cotton duster. General purpose. 35cm square.