Padsavers Padsavers

While playing any woodwind instrument, the inside (bore) will get wet, and the leather, or skin of the pads will absorb that moisture/spit/condensation, which may also contain deposits of what you ate before playing. To prolong the life of the pads and the instrument and prevent the build up of "crud" (a crust made when wet deposits of food/saliva dry out) this moisture should be removed after each playing session. Placing a padsaver into the bore of the instrument will cause that moisture to be absorbed into the centre of the padsaver, rather than the pads. Absorption happens slowly, so the padsaver should be left insitu while the instrument is in its case.

If it is a good quality padsaver (fluffier, looser versions may shed their fibres, which you don't want) it can act as a pullthrough when inserted and taken out again, a quick clean to help prevent a build-up of crud. For the reasons given above it is a good idea to wash the padsaver (warm water with washing detergent) otherwise over time, it may simply be redepositing "crud" in your instrument.

HW Pad Savers have been the number 1 Best Selling woodwind swab for over 25 years. HW Pad Savers are designed to be left in the instrument while not being played, where they draw and dissipate moisture from the bore, toneholes, and pads, extending the life of the pads and saving money on frequent repairs.

Woodwind & Brass Ltd. Stock HW Pad savers for soprano, alto and tenor saxophone, Bb clarinet, and flute (in 1 piece or 2 piece sets). The HW Saxophone Pad Saver features a custom molded cap designed to protect the octave key mechanism while the instrument is in the case. Since this cap is basically the handle, is is "press-fitted" so it stays securely attached.

  • available for soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, Bb clarinet, Bass clarinet and flute and piccolo.
HW Pad Saver for Flute - 2 pieceHW Pad Saver for Flute - 2 piece

For Bb and C Flutes - two piece set for body and foot joints - HW Pad Savers are made from the highest quality natural and micro-fibre material that will not shed, shrink, or bleed. This material is formulated to draw moisture from any surface it touches.

HW Pad Saver for PiccoloHW Pad Saver for Piccolo

One-piece HW padsaver for piccolo

Opticare Pad Saver - FluteOpticare Pad Saver - Flute

Flute 2 section moisture retainer for top and bottom joint. Opticare pad savers are made from cotton and synthetic fibres. They clean the instrument and protect the pads against dampness, which can cause damage to the pads when left are playing

W&B Piccolo MopW&B Piccolo Mop

Woollen piccolo mop with wooden handle.