Superslick Bore OilSuperslick Bore Oil

Superslick Bore Oil - "unique" combination of exotic oils for use on wood instrument bores.

La Tromba Special Woodwind Bore OilLa Tromba Special Woodwind Bore Oil

La Tromba Special oil for woodwind instruments with silicone. Guaranteed acid free.

Superslick CorkgreaseSuperslick Corkgrease

Superslick sets the standard for excellence and affordability providing a huge range of products that lubricate - as the name suggests. The Superslick "Premium" cork grease comes in a tube and helps keep cork neck and tenon joints supple and air tight.

La Tromba Cork Grease and Slide GreaseLa Tromba Cork Grease and Slide Grease

La Tromba Cork and Slide Grease comes in this handy 3g pot - it will not dry out no matter what conditions..

Keeps parts working smoothly and effectively. Swiss made, quality product

Vandoren CorkgreaseVandoren Corkgrease

Pleasantly scented with appleblossom fragrance, this grease lubricates and protects instruemnt cork, keeping it supple and perfectly airtight. Vandoren cork grease has long been a favourite among students and professionals.

Reka Key Oil - Squeeze BottleReka Key Oil - Squeeze Bottle

A very handy squeeze bottle containing high quality, extra fine key oil for woodwind instruments. A very cost effective way of helping your instrument's keys move smoothly.

H311 Key Oil Needle Applicator H311 Key Oil Needle Applicator

H311 precision key oiler. High grade fine oil for key work on wood wind instruments, to help keep keys moving smoothly with incredibly accurate application via a "needle" type nozzle.