Ton Kooiman Clarinet Thumb Rest - Mark IITon Kooiman Clarinet Thumb Rest - Mark II

A better, relaxed position of the right hand thumb enhances both the relaxation and the freedom of movement of the other fingers, making technical phrases easier to play. TK thumb rests reduces the condition of tired fingers and other symptoms of the right hand, and calluses will be prevented. Screws included with full instructions and 2 year guarantee.

Clarinet Thumb Rest fixedClarinet Thumb Rest fixed

Thumb Rest Screws - Black (3)Thumb Rest Screws - Black (3)

Two Steel Black anodised thumb rest screws. M1.4 approx 4mm long. Will fit both the fixed and adjustable thumb rests shown above.

Clarinet Standard thumb rest cushionClarinet Standard thumb rest cushion

Rubber thumb rest cushion to fit older style thumb hooks especially metal types.

Clarinet Adjustable Thumb Rest CushionClarinet Adjustable Thumb Rest Cushion

Rubber thumb rest cushion, especially shaped to fit adjustable thumb rests.