Woodwind and Brass Clarinet StrapWoodwind and Brass Clarinet Strap

Comfortable clarinet strap giving excellent support, attaches to thumb hook via leather tongue with adjustable positions.

Neotech C.E.O. Comfort strap For Clarinet, Oboe or English HornNeotech C.E.O. Comfort strap For Clarinet, Oboe or English Horn

The versatile C.E.O. (clarinet, oboe, english horn) strap has a choice of two connection options. You can connect the unique leather tab to your thumb rest or use the plastic-covered metal hook if you have an eyelet attachment on your instrument. The end result is comfort for your neck and shoulders while providing relief for the all too common thumb fatigue frequent amongst clarinet, English horn and oboe players.

Neotech Saxophone Classic Strap - Swivel HookNeotech Saxophone Classic Strap - Swivel Hook

Probably the most widely used saxophone strap by professionals in the world. Extreme comfort due to the thick neoprene padding. Covers large surface area of the neck reducing the feeling of weight for the player - The Neotech Classic Saxophone Strap can be used for saxophone, bass clarinet, English horn, bassoon, oboe and other instruments. Tailored design - very comfortable to wear. The hook is a plastic swivel spring-clip, making it extremely secure. Can also be used for large woodwind instruments such as bass clarinet and Bassoon