The Konig & Meyer 15224 is a sturdy black plastic peg for Bb or A clarinets, which may be bought separately or with legs or peg holder.

The integrated M5 thread adaptor enables attachment to Peg Holder 14301, or black, foldable base-legs, either of which can be added for £5.99 including VAT (total £14.99 including VAT). The Peg-Holder can be bought separately if desired, see below.

Peg Only ❯❯ 9.00
Peg + Black Legs ❯❯ 14.99
K&M Peg Holder 14301 ❯❯ 14.99

Holder for instrument pegs to be clamped to the legs of other stands such as 14300 sax stand.

The "181" K&M stand is much like the "180". Basic self-assembly required. For C or Eb clarinets. Nickel plated legs, felt covered pegs to protect the instrument. Nickel plated folded base.

The K&M 15222 is a real best seller, and probably one of the best value and most versatile of clarinet stands. For A and Bb clarinets. Unique, compact clarinet stand with black plastic peg which fits all current models of clarinet. The 4-leg base provides maximum stability for the instrument. The detachable metal leg base screws into the peg so that the entire unit can be stored in the bell of the instrument.

For A and Bb clarinets. Black felt-covered pegs to protect the instrument. Nickel finish legs.

Attaches to stands up to 23mm in diameter. Scratch protection. Black wooden peg for A and B clarinets.

Extremely compact (110mm high; 18mm diameter when folded). This innovatively designed flute and piccolo stand is very stable and made of high quality durable material. Can be stored and transported in the tube of the flute. Adaptors are available for clarinet and oboe.

None + 0.00 Clarinet + 4.00 Oboe + 4.00

Fits clarinet, flute, oboe and trumpet. Black plastic. The stand is completely collapsible, very portable and extremely versatile.

The Konig & Meyer Bassoon 150/1 is a special stand for bassoon and bass clarinet. Adjustable, felt-covered support arms, compact, folding design. Nickel finish. German made for excellent quality, durability and looks as well. Incredibly robust and easy to set-up and use.

M5 thread adaptor to attach trumpet, flugel horn and saxophone pegs with 14301 peg holder to sax stand 14300.

PACK A STANDS are lightweight and durable, assembling in seconds and storing neatly in the bell of the clarinet or in the bell of a Bb or A Clarinet. PACK A STANDS are spring-loaded to open easily and lock for excellent support. There is nothing to unscrew and put back together prior to use and storage.
  1. Stores in the bell
  2. Fits in the case
  3. Opens easily and locks
  4. Strong, lightweight and durable
  5. Long, spring-loaded legs
  6. Nothing to unscrew
Innovative plastic stand fits inside the bell of the instrument while stored inside the case. It is lightweight, collapsible and perfect for the travelling player.