Vandoren V12 Clarinet Reeds
Vandoren V12 Clarinet Reeds
V12 reeds are manufactured from cane tubes with the same diameter as cane used for saxophone reeds..

V12 reeds are thicker at each end. The thickness at the tip is 10mm (0.004 inch), while the thickness at the heel is 0.15mm (0.124 inches, hence the name V12).
Like the Java Saxophone reeds, they have a longer pallet than the traditional reeds - so more of the reed is vibrating, resulting in a deeper, richer sound.
The thicker tip gives body to the attack, and also increases the longevity of the reed.
Comparing strengths, a V12 strength 4 reed is almost equal to Classic strength 3 1/2 reed..
Available in strengths of 2.5 - 5+ in boxes of 10 (Bb Clarinet)
Vandoren V12 Bb Clarinet Reeds
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