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Yamaha Alto Clarinet Mouthpiece
Yamaha Alto Clarinet Mouthpiece - Click to
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The Standard Series are made out of high quality phenol resin (plastic) and feature a design based upon the top grade Custom series. They are extremely consistent in specifications and playing quality, and offer excellent value for their price. The facing of this series is slightly shorter than that of the Custom series making them easier to play, and easier for beginning students to achieve a rich characteristic clarinet sound. They also are available in a variety of sizes, to suit the needs players of many different styles.


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Vandoren Alto Clarinet Mouthpieces
Vandoren Alto Clarinet Mouthpieces - Click to
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All Vandoren mouthpieces are precision made in a meticulous, refined and lengthy process that takes them from vulcanised (hardened) rubber "blanks" to diamond cut, hand-finished objects of beauty. Each model is individually checked for appearance and precise dimensions following each step. The tolerances of 4/10, 000 of an inch are so small that in order to maintain precision, the table is not polished, though the rest of the mouthpiece is polished to a high shine. Each mouthpiece is hand finished at the baffle, walls, and tip rail, and tested by a professional musician before leaving the factory.

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