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The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme (AIPS) was initiated by Customs & Excise to help an under-funded industry and to encourage more children to play and parents to pay. Woodwind & Brass Ltd promotes AIPS, which allows children to purchase instruments at the VAT free price.

The scheme works by selling instruments to the school/LEA at the including VAT price, and then allowing them to recover the VAT. This means they can sell the instrument to the student at the excluding VAT price.

Before you can take advantage of this scheme, you need to find out whether or not your Local Education Authority (LEA) or school run the scheme.

If they do you need to contact us either by phone (023 93 117 113) or email and tell us which instrument you wish to purchase.

We will give you the VAT free cost of the instrument and the price of postage and packing. The school cannot recover VAT on postage and packing, so you may have to pay this on top of the ex VAT price.

Once you have contacted us, print out a copy of the AIPS Form with Customs & Excise Terms & Conditions, complete it using the information provided, and give a copy to the school or LEA.

Using this completed form, all the bursar/finance administrator has to do is send or fax (44 800 066 4472) it to us with a Purchase Order for the net amount. We can then dispatch the instrument.